April 19, 2012

I'm sending my good vibes out there...

I pray everything goes well with your surgery.  Keep your head up throughout all of this and know that this Orlando native has never lost faith in you. It is what is it is. You've made Orlando proud and you will be remembered long after Stan Van Gundy (seriously, who is he).  I've said it before and I'll say it again, where ever you go I'll still be a fan.  Take care of your self!
Much love and God bless

One love

April 7, 2012

Howard and Van Gundy: is anyone really wrong

I stopped by as I infrequently do , just to see whats going on in the world of men's basketball. And who would you think made one of the top stories for today (Friday April 06, 2012)...

That's right, Dwight!  Now I'm all tuned in.  Whats going on with the Magic?  So I read this, watch that, and decided I wanted to weigh in on the matter.  Thinking this was like my other favorite blog where you write a comment and it just gets posted- magic - I decided to write my two scents on a male dominated page, under the name Queen.  My first opening sentence was I'm not a basketball guru but I do have an opinion on the matter... I spent 10 min or so making sure my post was reading to be submitted.

After I hit submit, my comment was gone and later I would find out it didn't even get posted- black magic.  So I was like fine.. They don't want to post my comment.  That's cool, that's why I have my own blog.  I should have written it here first.  Now I know.  But unfortunately, sometimes writing is like lightning.  What you said and how you said it only strikes once.   That is why you write it down.

So to the best of my abilities I will try to recreate what mysteriously got misplaced on Sekou Smith's Hang Time Blog. 
Blogtable: Van Gundy vs. Dwight
The question was asked:  In the Dwight Howard/Stan Van Gundy mess: Who’s wrong? And how do you see this thing ending up?

My comment: I am not a basketball guru, but I do have an opinion on the matter.  I am a big Dwight Howard fan thus looking at the situation subjectively I do not think he is wrong. [That's could be a reason they refused to post my comment lol... continuing... ]  Without pointing figures on who is to blame (only the persons involved really know what went down) I do not think anyone was wrong. However, Van Gundy could have handled the situation better.  As a coach the success of your team/players should come before first.  Isn't that what makes an excellent coach?  After all it really is not about you Stan.  Furthermore, Van Gundy may need to re-evaluate implying that 'no comment' is a bullshit statement.  No comment means you do not want to discuss the matter what ever it is.  It is not confirming or denying anything.  It also means you do not have to explain how you feel about the situation 'no comment' encompasses it all.   I can not say that Van Gundy was wrong for answering questions how he felt most comfortable at the time.  BUT

In the end analysis Stan, don't you think 'no comment' would have caused far less controversy and put your players, including Howard, in a better mind set to win games.... Just Saying
- my humble opinion.

or something like that... Overall I am still not pointing any fingers but I do agree with what Barkley said.  However, sometimes in a given sitution nobody is wrong, but in situations where things can get uncomfortable for most parties, one should always ask themselves - Was there a better way to handle that?

One Love

April 2, 2012

Suburgatory: Season 1 Episode 17

Jeremy Sisto

As I have previously stated, I don't really watch TV per se, but I can't get enough of Hulu.  It allows me to get to my shows on my terms.  Thus, I know I'm mad late with this post BUT I'm going to write it anyhow.  Another one of my favorite shows to watch on Hulu, other than New Girl, is Suburgatory.  I don't know why but I just took to this show.  Though I'm ashamed to admit the casting of the hot single dad, Jeremy Sisto, worked for me. Good job ABC.  HOWEVER, after episode 17 from Season 1 was left completely baffled.

Leading me to one major question for ABC.  Why did you cast all black women for as Dallas' sorority sisters? This wouldn't have been a question if like 50% of her sister's were black, but being that 100% were black, it seemed, well... intentional.  But I couldn't figure out exactly what ABC's intentions were.  If you wanted Tulsa to be Robin Givens you still could have accomplished this without casting an all black sorority.  I have some serious questions for you ABC... Its just strange... and we all know in TV land everything is calculated.  So what message where you trying to send ABC...  Now if left to me I can come up with several theories but tying to pinpoint which one is closest to the truth is not good enough for me. SO ABC I want to know.  Minority roles on television are already in the minority yet you choose to break the mold on one show for one minor part and cast all black/minority people.... In my opinion you have some explaining to do.

Please enjoy some selected still shots of the character Dallas (played by Cheryl Hines) and her black sorority sisters.

Dallas and her all black sorority sisters

At a reunion sleep over hosted by Dallas

Dallas finger wavin' and neck rollin' with her sorority sisters... 

Dallas and sorority sisters talking over a glass of wine

Until their get together was interrupted by Tulsa, the uninvited sorority sister

Tulsa, played by Robin Givens who looks great for her age, is supposed to be the 'compare and contrast' of Dallas

One Love

March 30, 2012

Orlando Magic

Those who know me, know I know very little about sports.  I don't pick sports teams because of skill of players, how many champions they have won or are projected to win, or for any legitimate reason people may pick sports teams.  I pick teams by location, cuteness of players, and colors. When I have to watch ultimate wrestling, I choose contenders by who I think has on the better pair of shorts... So what I'm trying to emphasis is, my loyalty to sports is random and not rooted in a love for the actual sport.

However, I am BEYOND loyal to the Orlando Magic, even though I seldom watch games.  I pay attention when people mention the Magic (for the most part any other team gets tuned out).  You may be thinking, how am I loyal and don't even watch or understand sports.  My loyalty to the Magic can only be understood by me. Since this is my blog I will continue...

Recently I attended an Orlando Magic game- tickets courtesy my dad... its hard out here for a student...  I just had to see my favorite player, Dwight Howard, before he speculatively leaves the Magic.  To Howard: no love lost even if you leave beloved Orlando.   While at the game, donned in my no. 12 Magic T-shirt with "Queen' on the back, I was yelling the names for the only players I knew: Dwight and Turkoglu.  I like Turkoglu because of his last name.  Its just fun to say.



  Let's go Magic

Then a new fav player was born.  Glen Davis.  He was the biggest basketball player I had ever seen.  In my opinion, most basketball players are lean looking.  But not Davis he is solid in a cuddly kind of way. I had never seen his build on the court before.  I said " thats a big boy'.  Initially I didnt know his name so when it came time for me to yell at him I yelled "Go Big Boy!"


Big Bo... Baby!
After the game when recaping all my favorite moments from a fantastic game! I mentioned to my friend that Dwight was still my fav player but I have a new favorite, Big Boy.

She looked at me and said "You mean Big Baby"

"No" I said  "Big Boy" thinking if I meant to call him Big Baby I would have done so.

She turned and said "his nickname is Big Baby.''

Really, all this time Im yelling Big Boy and the kids nickname is Big Baby.  Oh boy... Nobody even bothered to correct me.

To Big Baby:  I will now call you Big Baby didnt know that was your nick name, but you are a big boy. No disrespect, I know your a man :)

Much love to all the Magic.

Nobody really asks me these questions but I generated my own list.

Q. What is your favorite basketball team.

A.  The Orlando Magic, simply because they are located in Orlando the best city (I may be basis, thats my hometown).  The Celtics are now my second fav team.

Q. Why is Dwight Howard your favorite player?

A. Because he is cute and plays for my fav basketball team, the Orlando Magic.  Davis is now on the list of fav's.  Both of them are fools, but I love them! lol

Q. Why are the Celtics now on your list of fav basketball teams.

A. Because their colors are green and white. Shaq used to play for them and was first signed to the Orlando Magic. Now my other fav player, Big Baby, who now plays for the Orlando Magic was first signed to the Celtics.

One Love

February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston: I will always love you


Yesterday my mother called and with so much pain in her voice said
"Whitney Houston is dead."


At the time I was out with friends and though I am known to some as overly dramatic, I'm not overly emotional.  However, instantly I felt the urge to cry.  This was my musical inspiration as a child and to this day still my favorite singer.  There isn't words to to express how much I love Whitney.
I love music! And as far as vocalist are concerned: 

             Whitney Houston = Music

Though I know I can not possibly feel the pain of her loss as much as her family and close friends, I grieve none the less. I have spent my entire Sunday in solitude watching clips and videos of Whitney on Youtube and plan to cap off the night watching The Bodyguard from my personal collection of movies. 

It wouldn't feel right if I didn't dedicate a post to Whitney and her golden voice.  Though it is extremely hard for me to pick a number one fav song sung by Whitney (because to me the are all so exceptional!),  I did leave a few of my top fav's below which coincidentally happen to be some of my favorite songs period.

Whitney's first televised performance 'Home'

 'Run to You'
Also 'I Have Nothing' (Don't Walk Away From Me) is a must listen!

Star spangled banner

 'I Will Always Love You'

 One of my top fav songs off the Preacher's Wife album
'I Love the Lord'

Whitney Houston in my opinion will always be the greatest voice that ever lived. You will be missed and thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent.

One Love

New Girl: Season 1 episode 11

Normally, my schedule doesn't allow for regular TV watching.  But being that I enjoy wasting productive hours by watching TV, I watch Hulu instead. Currently, one of my new favorite shows on Hulu is New Girl.  I most always behind schedule because Hulu takes forever to post episodes (in my opinion). However, I was so delighted with this last episode that I just had to post a few still frames

But before I do...
Here is my plug for the show.
1. Its not for everyone.  I tremendously enjoy it because strangely I identify with the main female character... and a few other characters as well.
2.  Its only 30 min thus it does not feel like a guilty pleasure, at least not to me.  You can watch one episode and not feel like you wasted too much time.
3. Every episode will give you a good laugh, and if it doesn't refer back to plug 1.

Now on to the still frames. Note: they wont make any sense not unless you've watched the episode. I just wanted to highlight a few of my fav parts.

Jess is kicked out of the women's bathroom looking for a place to cry, and finds Nick crying in the men's bathroom.

Jess trying to tell Julia off, in her own special way lol

"If your making a hat for baby, it is done"

Schmidt has been complaining about his towel being wet, now it not even there.

So of course he must go on a Schmidt tirade, and the girls listen

Finally Schmidt finds a solution to maintain dry towels, only to find out his towel is still wet.  I enjoy all the yelling that takes place by Schmidt :)

One Love

January 31, 2012

Price of medication

While sitting in class, hearing the calming sounds of the professor voice as I tuned her out, my attention was jarred by a new sound of pills --- You know that distinctive sound of pills rolling around in that small orange bottle.

Immediately, I was intrigued because the young man preparing to take these pills looked like a strapping young fellow and I was ever so interested to know what he needed medication for.  Since I couldn't ask, I decided to amuse myself by watching him because obviously I still was not paying attention to the lecture.  The young man proceeded to make a considerable amount of noise with his pill  bottle, to the point where I was surprised more people were not watching him.  But unfortunately, I proved to be the only noisy person in class.

After he had finally shaken free one pill and his pill bottle was secured in his backpack he went to fiddle with a Mountain Dew bottle.  Now if your thinking what I was thinking, then yes, I also thought Mountain Dew was a strange choice of liquid to take with medicine.  I really couldn't judge because Mountain Dew just so happens to be one of my favorite beverages, however, for medicine I would have chosen water or in some cases fruit juice.  But as I said, I was not judging...

While unscrewing his Mountain Dew soda bottle he accidentally managed to drop his pill.  From my seat I could not clearly see where the pill had dropped but I continued to watch.  I then observed him check his pants, scoot back in his chair, check the floor and bend over to retrieve something from the ground... In my assumption, it was his pill.

Now being that this was my number one entertainment for the hour, I was all to intrigued to know what was going to happen next.  Was he going to go through the whole loud production of shaking out one more pill, or was he going to be done with pill taking ordeal for the time being, or... was he going to eat it...  I watched in anticipation.

He took a moment to situate himself and then there was a pause.  During his pause I momentarily looked away just in case by some off chance he looked at me I wouldn't be caught me starring.  Then, it happened.  My peripheral vision caught him raise his hand to his mouth.  Now with my eyes trained in anticipation I witnessed him inconspicuously hover his hand with the pill by his mouth, then, he ate it and chased it down with his Mountain Dew.

At this point I was completely disgusted and started to judge him- slightly.  What grown person still eats of the floor?  Please people, that is only for kids because they don't know any better. Grown people should do better strictly because they know better.  But in the height of my disgust, I  had a flashback to when I accidentally dropped my iphone in a public toilet... Before this unfortunate event I would have hastily said there is never any reason, under no circumstances, to stick your hand in a toilet.  However, when my phone slipped from my back pocket into the toilet bowl it was almost instinctual to stick my hand in the toilet as I did without a second thought. It was only after I had safely retrieved my iphone that my natural germaphobic characteristics resurfaced.  When it was all said and done, I didn't quite know if I felt disgusted with myself especially since my iphone survived the ordeal due to my lightning speed hands.

My driving motivation was the fact that I did not have money to replace my iphone due to water (toilet) damage.  Thus it caused me to do things uncharacteristic of me (i.e. touching any part of a public toilet). With this in mind, I started to wonder... Was it right to judge this man for eating his medication off the floor.  Either he is really nasty or there is a driving motivation for him to do so.   Since I would like to think the best of people, I believe the latter. But seriously, my honest question is: What is the price of medication?

One Love

January 19, 2012

The biggest platform will be heard

Early yesterday morning- as some call it the wee hours of the morn- I was up trying to get some work done before I retired to bed.  I happened to wonder on to Google (my favorite search engine) and was confronted with this:

Now... one of the reasons I love Google is because they find the most creative things to do with their logo. I have been known, all to many times, to click the Google image to see what it currently represents.  Or, as I did this past Christmas, spend more time than normal playing with the button notes under the interactive image  (see image below, do you remember this one), embarrassing, but true.

Ok, back to post...

As I stared at the blacked out Google, I thought it was strange.  When redirected to the petition page: End Piracy, Not Liberty, honestly I didn't even take the time to read it.  I just kept it moving because, after all I just wanted to know why they blocked out the Google logo, at present I was satisfied with my vague understanding.  I was past tired, thus I preceded to use my favorite search engine so I could hurry off to sleep.  When I woke up later that day, I found out to my HORROR wiki went dark.

If I wasn't paying attention before, I was now. What was going on here! Google now Wiki!  Wiki, is like my ultimate favorite site.  More than half the time when I get on my favorite search engine it leads me to my favorite site, wiki.  How was I going to make it through the day without wiki. At the time I didn't know but alas the day is over and I am here. But it got me thinking...

Those with the biggest platform, can be heard.

Before yesterday I had no idea about the bills Protect IP Act (PIPA) and Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), or that my Internet access could be censored. But I started learning a little more about it as the day progressed.  Can you image how many people signed that petition yesterday, or called their representative or congressman? Can you imagine the change that could have taken place yesterday because someone had the platform and the resources to do raise awareness.

In my opinion, for wiki and other sites, these bills hit close to home. So because they had the appropriate resources and most importantly a platform to be heard, they went about doing something.  They made people aware and further more care.  Care to do something.  Its got to make you think, how many bills are passed before you are aware or before you can raise awareness?  On the issues that may matter and most always affect the common man, why are we as a whole not more aware?

I will never feign to be a political person or pretend that I completely understand our democratic system.  But none the less, I do know when legislation is being made on my behalf I should do more in lieu of awareness or at least I will say in 2012 I  can try. We should be more invested in making changes with issues we are most concerned with. Though I may not have a big platform if I, one, do something to implement change and you do two, we can do things as Wiki put it- extraordinary.

From Wiki's Thank You

One love