February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston: I will always love you


Yesterday my mother called and with so much pain in her voice said
"Whitney Houston is dead."


At the time I was out with friends and though I am known to some as overly dramatic, I'm not overly emotional.  However, instantly I felt the urge to cry.  This was my musical inspiration as a child and to this day still my favorite singer.  There isn't words to to express how much I love Whitney.
I love music! And as far as vocalist are concerned: 

             Whitney Houston = Music

Though I know I can not possibly feel the pain of her loss as much as her family and close friends, I grieve none the less. I have spent my entire Sunday in solitude watching clips and videos of Whitney on Youtube and plan to cap off the night watching The Bodyguard from my personal collection of movies. 

It wouldn't feel right if I didn't dedicate a post to Whitney and her golden voice.  Though it is extremely hard for me to pick a number one fav song sung by Whitney (because to me the are all so exceptional!),  I did leave a few of my top fav's below which coincidentally happen to be some of my favorite songs period.

Whitney's first televised performance 'Home'

 'Run to You'
Also 'I Have Nothing' (Don't Walk Away From Me) is a must listen!

Star spangled banner

 'I Will Always Love You'

 One of my top fav songs off the Preacher's Wife album
'I Love the Lord'

Whitney Houston in my opinion will always be the greatest voice that ever lived. You will be missed and thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent.

One Love

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