March 30, 2012

Orlando Magic

Those who know me, know I know very little about sports.  I don't pick sports teams because of skill of players, how many champions they have won or are projected to win, or for any legitimate reason people may pick sports teams.  I pick teams by location, cuteness of players, and colors. When I have to watch ultimate wrestling, I choose contenders by who I think has on the better pair of shorts... So what I'm trying to emphasis is, my loyalty to sports is random and not rooted in a love for the actual sport.

However, I am BEYOND loyal to the Orlando Magic, even though I seldom watch games.  I pay attention when people mention the Magic (for the most part any other team gets tuned out).  You may be thinking, how am I loyal and don't even watch or understand sports.  My loyalty to the Magic can only be understood by me. Since this is my blog I will continue...

Recently I attended an Orlando Magic game- tickets courtesy my dad... its hard out here for a student...  I just had to see my favorite player, Dwight Howard, before he speculatively leaves the Magic.  To Howard: no love lost even if you leave beloved Orlando.   While at the game, donned in my no. 12 Magic T-shirt with "Queen' on the back, I was yelling the names for the only players I knew: Dwight and Turkoglu.  I like Turkoglu because of his last name.  Its just fun to say.



  Let's go Magic

Then a new fav player was born.  Glen Davis.  He was the biggest basketball player I had ever seen.  In my opinion, most basketball players are lean looking.  But not Davis he is solid in a cuddly kind of way. I had never seen his build on the court before.  I said " thats a big boy'.  Initially I didnt know his name so when it came time for me to yell at him I yelled "Go Big Boy!"


Big Bo... Baby!
After the game when recaping all my favorite moments from a fantastic game! I mentioned to my friend that Dwight was still my fav player but I have a new favorite, Big Boy.

She looked at me and said "You mean Big Baby"

"No" I said  "Big Boy" thinking if I meant to call him Big Baby I would have done so.

She turned and said "his nickname is Big Baby.''

Really, all this time Im yelling Big Boy and the kids nickname is Big Baby.  Oh boy... Nobody even bothered to correct me.

To Big Baby:  I will now call you Big Baby didnt know that was your nick name, but you are a big boy. No disrespect, I know your a man :)

Much love to all the Magic.

Nobody really asks me these questions but I generated my own list.

Q. What is your favorite basketball team.

A.  The Orlando Magic, simply because they are located in Orlando the best city (I may be basis, thats my hometown).  The Celtics are now my second fav team.

Q. Why is Dwight Howard your favorite player?

A. Because he is cute and plays for my fav basketball team, the Orlando Magic.  Davis is now on the list of fav's.  Both of them are fools, but I love them! lol

Q. Why are the Celtics now on your list of fav basketball teams.

A. Because their colors are green and white. Shaq used to play for them and was first signed to the Orlando Magic. Now my other fav player, Big Baby, who now plays for the Orlando Magic was first signed to the Celtics.

One Love

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