February 12, 2012

New Girl: Season 1 episode 11

Normally, my schedule doesn't allow for regular TV watching.  But being that I enjoy wasting productive hours by watching TV, I watch Hulu instead. Currently, one of my new favorite shows on Hulu is New Girl.  I most always behind schedule because Hulu takes forever to post episodes (in my opinion). However, I was so delighted with this last episode that I just had to post a few still frames

But before I do...
Here is my plug for the show.
1. Its not for everyone.  I tremendously enjoy it because strangely I identify with the main female character... and a few other characters as well.
2.  Its only 30 min thus it does not feel like a guilty pleasure, at least not to me.  You can watch one episode and not feel like you wasted too much time.
3. Every episode will give you a good laugh, and if it doesn't refer back to plug 1.

Now on to the still frames. Note: they wont make any sense not unless you've watched the episode. I just wanted to highlight a few of my fav parts.

Jess is kicked out of the women's bathroom looking for a place to cry, and finds Nick crying in the men's bathroom.

Jess trying to tell Julia off, in her own special way lol

"If your making a hat for baby, it is done"

Schmidt has been complaining about his towel being wet, now it not even there.

So of course he must go on a Schmidt tirade, and the girls listen

Finally Schmidt finds a solution to maintain dry towels, only to find out his towel is still wet.  I enjoy all the yelling that takes place by Schmidt :)

One Love

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