December 25, 2011

Who is Santa Claus really?

I love the holidays!  For me it truly starts with Thanksgiving.  That is my fav.  But Christmas seems to be a top-ranking holiday for many and in my opinion its because of the gift giving.

We often hear before the holidays: What do you want for Christmas?
And after the holidays: What did you get for Christmas?

Which leads me to believe Christmas is really only about what you get... and maybe it forces you to believe you have to give excessively for apparently no other reasons other than its Christmas and its socially acceptable to do so.  Now... even though I'm sure your probably a grown behind adult like me, you might still be asked: "What did Santa bring you for Christmas?"

... pause... Really? 

No disrespect, but who is Santa anyway?  My mother never told me about this dude. My education on this man comes purely from TV.  All my presents were signed 'from mom and dad',  never Santa, and even then I knew the from dad part was a lie - that man does not Christmas shop.   Then somewhere in high school I finally learned Christmas was much more than presents.  This happened abruptly and quite simply.  I woke up on Christmas morning to not one present.  We had Christmas dinner and went to a Christmas program and... that was it.

But this dude Santa, the giver of presents on Christmas.  Why do we tell our children about him, when to my knowledge we all generally agree he doesn't exist. Why do we further deceive our children letting them believe they have been good all year and reward them with presents from Santa.  Under the pretense of Santa, why do we start of the spirit of benevolence with a lie?

Two disservices are done by the perpetuation of Santa, we encourage our kids to be materialistic and we encourage them to lie.  Its harsh but somewhat true if we remain honest with ourselves.  Its time for the idea of Santa's gifts to die! Yeah, I said it.  Let him be a great folklore or something...

So honestly, If someone asks me this year what did Santa bring me?
I'll say "The same thing he brings me every year - not a damn thing."


One Love

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