December 10, 2011

Blogging Cherry


The Pressure!

My first post…

What shall I write about? 
How often should I write? 
Does my blog need a theme? 
Will anyone follow me?
How do I get people to read my blog?
Or… Should I even care if no one but mom reads it?
How much of myself should I share?

I’ve wanted to create a blog for some time.  At first, there was the mere problem of not knowing how to start a blog.  Even at my youthful age technology confuses me.  It’s quite embarrassing really.  Finally a combination of boredom and anxiety has led me to this point - My first post.

Now that I’m here I don’t quite know what to write.  Well… more like I don’t quite know what to write first.  Do I jump in there or do I introduce myself?  I don’t know, it feels awkward.  Nonetheless, I am here.  Writing has always been therapeutic for me and now writing for my thoughts to be found by anyone is a brand new journey.  My inexperience with blogging has handicapped me long enough. I’m just going to give it a try and I welcome you (yes you… the world wide web) on my journey and definitely welcome input.

I am not a writer, not terribly creative, extremely sporadic, not always too bright, but most importantly I am inquisitive and opinionated. I have taken to blogging because I want an outlet to express myself on issues I find interesting.  As any complete person my interests varies from topic to topic which is why I cannot dedicate this blog to any particular topic.  I’m sure a general theme will develop over time, yet I don’t know what it will be.  Overall, I am excited to have completed my first post and even more excited to known that I now have a blog!

Thanks world wide web for reading my first post about nothing!  Specifically, I would like to thank my mom and my first follower.  Thanks for believing in Queen Eyes before there even was a post.

One love

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